Just Warming Up

A couple of weeks ago I wrote my first post about my In Depth project- French Horn! Since then, I’ve had a couple of lessons and the excitement has only built…

I explained the purpose of the In Depth project which is taking a passion/interest and digging deeper into the subject. We talked about what I hoped to get out of it- confidence as a player, good sound quality, tuning, range, musicality, and knowledge on the instrument. My mentor was excited as I was, she was soon making a plan to put together a practice routine for me and finding books. She had some songs that were written for the French Horn in mind that she thought I could learn to play come performance time in June. She suggested that I study a opera and then come see it at performed at the Orpheum. Potentially, I might even be able to go with her and sit in on a professional band rehersal (she is part of the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra or VSO)!!!

During my second lesson we got started putting together more of a routine for me to practice in order to become a more well-rounded horn player. First things first, we talked quite a bit about warming up. There are several elements to it including long tones, lip slurs, and articulation excercises.

Also, I am in possession of a lovely piece of music, written by none other than Wolfgang Amadeus Motzart. It is titled Horn Concerto in E flat Major, and I will be starting with the second movement, entitled “Romanze.” Having never done much with the French Horn outside of the school band before, I’m pretty impressed. Sounds pretty intensely awesome, if  I do say so myself! 🙂

More to come but so far, super cool! And this is only the warm up…

4 thoughts on “Just Warming Up

  1. This sounds really intense! Is it possible to play music on the french horn that isn’t written for the french horn? If it is, I think that you and Kiko should do a duet for us on In-Depth night. =P

  2. Katie;

    I would love to hear a sample of French Horn music in your next post. Sounds like you are learning already a lot in short period of time. Rebecca may be available with another guitar as well! Mozart is one of my favorite composers as well. My grandmother used to play Mozart music when I spent time with her. Love to hear how the piece is coming along later.


  3. A duet is totally in order.

    Since you already know some French Horn, I look forward to a head banging solo on indepth night.

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