My Own Little World

Admittedly, I’ve been a little slow responding to the blogging challenge. Okay, a lot. After I first read the writing prompt, I always need a while to allow the thoughts to build up in my head. Eventually I find the time to sit down and type it out.

Challenge #2 asks a question about when it is appropriate for students to use photos of themselves on their blog. However, this lead me to thinking about the way my entire blog looks. I have changed the background at least six times.  Also, I couldn’t help but notice how lame the automatic tag line “Just another” was and it bugged me that my blog wasn’t even titled by me.

Blogs are personal space. They’re a place where people can post their thoughts (however random they may be) and the creations they make using words. Each blog is it’s own personalized world where the user can connect with other worlds and build upon their own. Even if the true identity of the person behind the screen remains hidden, the blog still reflects them through the way they write, the topics they chose, and the way they present all of it.

I wanted my blog to have the right feeling. First change was the title… This involved a bit of brainstorming but in the end I chose Walking on Sunshine because I think it fits the way I see a lot of things. I’m an optimistic person, always looking for the light in situations and the good in people. Furthermore, the sun has the ability to make me absurdly happy… there is nothing like going outside to soak up the sun on a gorgeous, sky blue day. Of course, the song is also quite wonderful “I’m walking on sunshine, woooah…. and don’t it feel good!” The theme took me a long time (probably longer then you would think is necessary) to finally pick. Some were too dark, some didn’t display the widgets nicely, some lacked colour and others were overwhelming. Finally though, I can say I’m happy with the way my blog looks on the web.

Obviously, for safety reasons, you don’t want to make your personal information available on your blog. It is not a facebook page; it would be inappropriate to have hundreds of pictures of my friends and I posted everywhere. Yet, I don’t think it is wrong to have a picture of yourself occasionally. Looking back at previous posts, my face shows up a couple of times on my blog. The thing is that those pictures are adding to what I’ve already written. . Therefore I think pictures can be used in moderation to further a point but not to focus on you. A blog should reflect who you are by the way you chose to use it- not by having personal details and photos posted all over it.

I’ve created my own little world on the screen in front of me. On a different screen, you are reading these words right now and therefore catching a glimpse of who I am. Blogs have the ability to express and connect- that is the magic of them.

One thought on “My Own Little World

  1. Woah Katie,

    This is a surprise. I love the new look to your blog, I know you’ve changed it around a few times, but this seems like a very personal touch: the sunflowers, title, subtitle, your avatar, etc. I also like what you’re saying about our blogs, that they are our resume, say, to the world, and that it’s okay to have information about yourself on there as long as it’s controlled by you. I need to get on my own blogging challenges as well…thanks for the reminder.


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